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September 14, 2012
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Number 27: Madolche King Macrown (Card Art Ver) by Loungyoo Number 27: Madolche King Macrown (Card Art Ver) by Loungyoo
This is the Madolche King's card version where I have already shopped the image and placed it into an XYZ template.

Some Symbolism Present:

---Purple Hair- Purple is the color of royalty in France

---Mewl-Feuille- A vital part in all Madolche Decks

---Castle in the Background- Symbolizes the royalty of "Kings"

---Red Velvet Cake Puzzle Piece- Just cause
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actually I have come up with some 5 stared Madolche monsters o..o as well as a good number others and a magic and trap card I have their names punned alright and there effects thought out enough and their like status things and stuff researched okay the only prob is .... I cant put em on paper Dx I mean I know exactly what they look like their looks their positioning on the puzzle piece and what that's made of etc. the only thing I need is someone to help me well draw em Dx cuz im bad at it I wasted a lot of paper just trying to make one of them :( I was gonna ask if you could help me or whatever I mean I actually wanna send these cards in to see if they might make em into real cards that's why I need the help but yeah it makes me look and sound bad asking >.< and also I feel as though its a no no in the artist code to do that or something idk Dx but I mean if someone can help me I would truly appreciate it I don't think they will be made indefinitely of course but yeah I at least wanna try :( and it would be awesome cuz I just love the archeotype Madolche they rock :D but yeah I will try and post their names effects and description so if someone can help it would make  things a lot easier. appreciate it and also real big fan of your Madolche king artwork and such :D
Just one thing, Madolche Names are mode with Dessert puns, so... what's a Macrown? lol
Macaroons XD
Took me a while but I was eating a Macaroon when I saw this, and I was like:
"Macrown...Mac- OH! MACAROONS! XD"
Oh... God... I LOVE IT xD
Now you have to place Macaroons in the Card to make it official lol
Either needs to be a Rank 4 or needs to be able to overlay over Tiaramisu.
actually all you need is a lv. 5 prince card that special summons itself from hand to make this easily feasible. but only 2 lv 5's and probably a slightly diffenent effect.
dude I am completely and utterly truthful with this ... my freaking lord I was completely taken in by that card and totally thought it was a real madolche card :D no joke I for real thought it was a real one then when I searched for a price and couldn't find it then I saw a youtube posting of it and it said contest entry and I was like oh sweet mother of monkey milk that is one "sweet" card I mean it they should make that card into a real one and put it in the anime :D for realz you should fricken call the company or email em whatever and make that card also the dude that made the expresso card should also do the same I mean it also I was looking and it seems people have ideas for a prince and others as well now idk about them but you need to have that at least looked at by em and try to get it made now the effect is good but it could use some tweaks idk they would make it the way it is cause it wouldn't seem too OP since you use all its xyz materials at ounce sooo yeah make it real :D (also if you could point out a phrase I said in this message you'd win double points with me :3)
Why is this not real!? I could definitely use this in my madolche deck
alefaso Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cute =)
needs to be rank 4. 5 is too hard
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